Updating your computers clock

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Updating your computers clock

When the computer is turned off, it runs on batteries.When the computer is turned back on, the software clock starts running again and sets itself (within 1 second) to the hardware clock.

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It's also possible for an ill-behaved software program to use the timer-counter for another purpose and change its interrupt rate.

These clocks go by several different names, but for simplicity, we'll call them the software and hardware clocks.

The software clock runs only when the computer is turned on. The hardware clock uses a battery and runs even while the computer is turned off.

AT-compatible computers use a device equivalent to an Intel 8254 timer-counter.

The timer-counter is programmed by the BIOS to generate an interrupt every 54.936 milliseconds, or about 18.206 times per second.

An upload failure results in the error “Waiting Upload” which displays after the file name in white.

A failed download results in both the file name and error “Download Failed” being displayed in red text.

Files fail to upload or download in a Studio Session or Project, or the message displays, “Your system clock is not set to the correct time.

Please update your system clock and try again.” Bluebeam Revu, Bluebeam Vu, Studio Documents in a Studio Session or Project fail to upload or download when the clock on your computer is incorrect and more than 15 minutes different than the clock on the Studio Server.

The single biggest limitation of the software clock, however, is that when the computer is turned off the clock stops running.

On the original IBM-PC, this meant that you manually had to set the clock each time you turned the computer on.

Although the two clocks are synchronized at start-up, they may run at very different rates and will probably gain or lose time relative to each other while the computer is running.

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