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Unbeknownst to all, Sheila escaped the fire (a meter reader was the one who died). Scott developed a mysterious disease and knew he was dying, but didn't tell Lauren.Sheila found out, and slipped back to Genoa City to see him. Lauren found out that Sheila and her husband, Eric were taking a trip, so Lauren planned one too.

When the truth about the father of Sheila's baby came out, Scott divorced Lauren and married Sheila.Isabella realized that she was pregnant, and Lauren encouraged her to tell him.Isabella decided not to, and then had an affair with Michael Baldwin and convinced him he was the father. But Paul understood and tried to make a go of his relationship with Isabella.True Hollywood Story (2001), The 19th Annual People’s Choice Awards (1993), The 20th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards (1993), Live with Kelly and Michael (1990), Family Feud (1989), The New Hollywood Squares (1987), Star’s Table (1986), The Miss Teen USA Pageant (1983), Circus of the Stars #7 (1982), The Hollywood Squares (1979).Lauren Fenmore Baldwin is a fictional character on The Young and the Restless, portrayed by Tracey E. Bregman also appeared on the CBS Daytime, "sister soap" The Bold and the Beautiful.Bregman won a Daytime Emmy Award for her portrayal of Lauren in 1985.

Over the years Lauren has become a thorn in the side of several of her romantic rivals, including cosmetics heiress turned author Traci Abbott Connolly and attorney Christine Blair.

However, a significant portion of Lauren's history on both series revolves around her long-running conflict with Sheila Carter, a mentally unbalanced former nurse who has attempted to kill her on multiple occasions.

Bregman originally read for the role of Patty Williams, but instead the producers created the character of Lauren just for her, and she didn't even have to audition for it.

Sheila miscarried her baby earlier but kept it secret. She then switched the baby for Lauren's baby in the hospital nursery, passing off Lauren's baby as her. Lauren named the baby she thought was hers Dylan, but he died of meningitis before he was even a year old.

Molly Carter, Sheila's mother, told Lauren everything.

She expected if they bumped into each other Sheila would expose herself, but Scott had no reaction.