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and its three sequels, however, would be more tongue in cheek and lighthearted.Dean Martin's Matt Helm was essentially Dean Martin.

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This is after all one of the spy franchises that inspired Mike Myers in his creation of the Austin Powers franchise.This, along with some other factors, would lead to the termination of the partnership between Allen and Broccoli.Allen would feel like a fool after the huge success of the first Bond film in 1962 and its sequels.When he wasn't saving the world, he was having a drink, crooning a tune, or seducing beautiful women.Irving Allen, the producer of the Matt Helm franchise, had been looking for a spy franchise of his own.Big O is headed up by Tung-Tze, who is played by Victor Buono (made up with eyeliner to look Chinese).

There is definitely not a politically correct movie.

When he's done taking their pictures, he seduces them in his ultra-cool bachelor pad. Helm's assistant Lovey Kravezit (Beverly Adams) is always willing to do what her boss asks.

With a cad for a boss, you can bet that her work will get quite steamy.

They end up butting heads with several enemy agents, such as Sam Gunther (Robert Webber) and Andreyev (Roger C. They also come in contact with a sexy and clumsy broad named Gail (played wonderfully here by Stella Stevens).

They aren't sure if Gail is mixed up in Big O's evil plot or not.

He gets called back into service by his boss Mac Donald (James Gregory). He's enjoying the cool and swingin' lush life too much.

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