Storm 3 madara online dating

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Storm 3 madara online dating - dawson creek dating

Not a fan of all the COD games.)RPGs Writing(bits and pieces which I got rid of because my hand writing was/still is AWFUL)Listening to music(Rock, pop, punk, rap and bits of metal and any decent cross genres)Fanfiction Favorite HP pairings H/Hr= simply destined H/D= Bravery isn't about the house RL/NT=A wolf needs happiness G/Anyone BUT Harry Least favorite H/Anyone male G/H= Would you date someone who looks like your mother?Personal Statements I don't care about heterosexuals, gays and lesbians.

I can't please anyone and my plans are sometimes the same as someone else's work.

Still looking for others who are interested I have recently put a few of my stories on permanent hiatus and adoption including Super Samurai Potter please PM if you're interested in taking them on and carrying them on or redo them.

ATTENTION EVERYONE WE HAVE 5 DAYS OR LESS DEPENDING WHERE IN THE WORLD YOU ARE TO STOP THE AMERICANS PASSING SOPA AND PIPA! To everyone who has been commenting on my Monstrous Shinobi Deck Yes Kaguya, Hashirama, Tobirama etc are going to be made but it will take some time.

I am now at University People meaning I am now most likely not going to be updating very frequently.

Unless stated above or in description please assume writers block and lots of assignments. Mandalorian Saboteur is updated Adopted story from book lover reader.

a person pranks you twice on the same day, within pressumably 6-7 hour window, he comes to you with something that look like shit or chocolate (like you have melted chocolate in the middle of the road?

uses cookies to improve performance by remembering your session ID when you navigate from page to page.After the war the fates have the Olympians and the demigods read about alternate dimensions.They will be reading (with given permission by Uzumaki Crossover) the Naruto Prince of the Underworld series and how one person can change things. Their honeymoon does not go as expected, turning into a crazy adventure instead.I'm also a big movie fan, I'll watch just about anything that looks decent and whatever my mates are going to see.I like lots of different food mainly italian and indian."I pair my flames with a chianti and liver." Kudos if you get the references.