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Later she admitted she had never once discussed infidelity with King, saying: ‘I just wouldn’t have burdened him with anything so trivial . Mel B has appeared in about 20 sex tapes which will be offered as evidence at the upcoming divorce and restraining order trial with estranged husband Stephen Belafonte, it emerged in court proceedings today.

In total lawyers will present 56 videos as evidence featuring Mel including one which is claimed to show the star snorting cocaine.None of these videos has been submitted for a prurient interest.These videos are relevant.'Miss Brown now takes the position that she was drugged by Mr Belafonte throughout their marriage.'Judge Juhas took issue with Cohen over his 'entirely inappropriate' questioning of Mel during a deposition in which she was asked about a sex video in which she was not featured but, claimed Cohen, her voice could be heard and her fingers could be seen on film.In addition to seeking a divorce from her husband of 10 years, producer and restaurateur Belafonte, also 42, Mel - real name Melanie Brown - is pursuing restraining orders against him and the couple's one-time nanny, 25-year-old blonde Lorraine Gilles.She accuses both of conspiring together against her by threatening to release sex tapes and embarrassing videos of the singer and reality star.The trial - now scheduled to begin November 6 - is set to be explosive with both sides ready to battle it out.

The 42-year-old former Spice Girl will claim that she was drugged during much of her marriage and in some of the videos and didn't consent to either the sex shown in them or being filmed.

Georgia Davis Powers, the Kentucky state senator who paid that late visit to King at the motel, said the pair simply stayed up talking until 4am. King grew very close to one of them — believed to be a female colleague from Atlanta. One of King’s most distinguished biographers, Taylor Branch, revealed how — on King’s trip to Norway to collect the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize — members of his entourage were found running after naked or near-naked prostitutes in the Oslo hotel where they were staying. The same year, the FBI anonymously sent King a ‘highlights’ tape of his sexual groaning and dirty jokes, along with a message that read: ‘You are done. You better take it before your filthy, abnormal, fraudulent self is bared to the nation.’Some of what these anonymous letters claimed — such as King’s penchant for white prostitutes and his use of church donations to pay for drunken orgies — have been hotly disputed, even by those who admit that King slept around.

Bernard Lee claimed Abernathy’s tale was invented and he had ‘betrayed a great trust . At one point, he saw her almost every day, though — Garrow added — ‘it did not eliminate the incidental couplings that were a commonplace of King’s travels’.‘I could not believe what I was seeing in white Westchester women,’ he said. After I saw that thing that evening, I didn’t blame him.’Evidently, King could afford to be choosy in his adultery. Only a desperate appeal to hotel security saved them from being thrown out. But there’s another mystery: why, having collected the evidence, did the government never make more of these highly incriminating tapes?

Though it is beyond question that King was charismatic, tireless and courageous, it is also indisputably true that this brilliant man had a seamier side, as one of Dr King’s closest associates confirmed.

But in 1989, Abernathy — who succeeded King as the movement’s leader — incurred the eternal wrath of his allies and accusations of a Judas-like betrayal after he confirmed that long-standing rumours about his old friend’s rampant sexual appetites were true.

She got her wish and Abernathy left the couple to go to get some sleep in the room he shared with King.