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In light of these specifications, one can understand the miracle that Salazar has achieved: a totalitarian and Christian state, constructed not on abstractions, but on the living realities of his nation and its traditions.This creation is all the more remarkable in that it has been accomplished at the end of a political evolution that was violently antitraditional, anti-Christian, and passionately “Europeanizing.” Entire generations of Portuguese youth — some of them in good faith, others simply out of snobbery or spiritual drought — sought to drive Portugal from its traditional course and transform it into a “European country.” This book relates the history of these men and the results of their efforts.

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” with which a famous Parisian couplet of twenty years ago ended?

But it is nothing other than a reduction to its ultimate elements of the revolution and reforms undertaken by Salazar. no son ever wants to be the child of a different mother”?

Because what is meant by the replacement of the individual (the “citizen”) by the family, the irreducible nucleus of the nation, and the return of the corporation, considered as an organic social collective; and what does it mean to say: “We do not question the nation . All these are but variations of the same organic community of love: love that creates, unites, and places value on the family.

When Republican and democratic Portugal wanted to “enter” Europe, the moral misery and administrative chaos reached unimaginable proportions — and the presence of Lusitanianism in in European capitals made itself noticed in couplets.

For a hundred years Portugal struggled to become a European country, borrowing from the Right and from the Left, imitating Parisian models especially; and much blood flowed in order to put an end to the “specter of reaction,” by which was meant tradition, monarchy, Christianity.

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The following is the English translation of the great historian of religions Mircea Eliade’s preface to Salazar and the Revolution in Portugal (Salazar și Revoluția în Portugalia [Bucharest: Editura Gorjan, 1942]), a book which has not been translated into English. This book of political history is written by a man who is not professionally engaged in either history properly speaking or in politics.File Size: 0.00GB File Count: 0 Creation Time: 2016-09-14 Last Visited: 2017-08-05 load time: fast Hot: 201 °C BT Info Hash: 67f7ab4051877ab45df9c6ecddb5e7599f81f683 Magnet Link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:67f7ab4051877ab45df9c6ecddb5e7599f81f683 在线播放: If you want to get the torrent file or original data of Rename Expert v5.9.2, please use u Torrent, Bit Torrent or Thunder.Click here to locate the torrent file of Mircea Eliade - Sacrul si If the content above is not authorized, please contact us via "btjidi[AT]" .Remember to include the full url in your complaint. Btjidi is a Torrent Search Engine based on DHT protocol.All resources are automatically indexed from the DHT network.

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    “If you choose to (continue that behavior), you choose to (receive whatever consequence has already been established as a punishment)”.

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    And more than ever, they need a trusted voice to tell those stories.