Reverse dns is not updating

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Reverse dns is not updating - how to talk to an intimidating boss

With forward DNS, you delegate the zone to your DNS server by registering that domain name with a registrar.With reverse DNS, your Internet connection provider (ISP) must delegate the reverse zone to your DNS server.

In this case your ISP has probably already setup some default reverse DNS for your IP addresses) For example, if you are assigned network ( to subnet mask, the owner of the class C 1.2.3.

To get this type of DNS record updated, it is imperative that you let your Windstream sales person know which static IP will be used and the server name you want it to point to.

The Reverse DNS (PTR) record needs to match the name of your server.

When you purchase Windstream static IP addresses, we are unsure what you will be using them for -- mail server, web server, internal server, etc.

By default, all Windstream IP addresses have a PTR record setup on them showing either of the following: If a correct PTR record is not setup for your Windstream static IP, this could cause you problems with blacklisting or spam filters in the future.

Reverse records can also be created automatically by checking "Update reverse zone" in the Record Properties dialog when editing A-Records or AAAA-records.

Reverse DNS is also different from forward DNS in who points (delegates) the zone to your DNS server.So if you run your own e-mail server, reverse DNS must exist for the IP address that outgoing e-mail is sent from.In most cases it does not matter what the reverse DNS record for your IP address points to as long as it is there.Reverse DNS is IP address to domain name mapping - the opposite of forward (normal) DNS which maps domain names to IP addresses.Reverse DNS is maintained in a separate set of data from forward DNS.A special PTR-record type is used to store reverse DNS entries.