Pixel king sony when updating

06-Sep-2017 02:28 by 7 Comments

Pixel king sony when updating

So, is 12MP enough for todays hobbyist, enthusiast or even pro? Many get hung up on viewing images at 100% on screen, a way that NO ONE views your photos.We get “addicted” in a way to looking at the files at 100% and saying “WOW, look!

I am here to tell you that massive MP counts is not required for normal photography and large prints.

It is one of my faves and I have used one since my Leica M 7 days.

On the M8, M9 and previous Sony A7’s the lens was virtually unusable due to color shifts and edges but here on the A7s the color shifts are 98% gone.

Sure, that 12MP will not give pixel peepers the WOW moments and sure, it is yet another Sony camera promising big things. The AWB is fantastic and the focus speed is the fastest of any Sony full frame model E mount to date. For video, it is exceptional and while I am not video whiz, it is beyond my capabilities in this area.

But this time, the Sony A7s delivers on all promises made. The build, feel, manus and controls are the same on the A7s as the A7 and A7r, so the only thing that has changed is the sensor and electronic modes and video.

My favorite sweet spot is 16MP but the Sony’s 12 MP here is a very very good 12mp.

Back in the day I had a ikon D2hs that was 4 MP and I printed 20X30’s from that camera all the time (was in a print frenzy at the time to prove that yes, a good 4MP cam print large) so the Sony A7s will never leave me wanting for Megapixels unless I am looking for that 100% screen viewing WOW moment, which you will not get with the A7s as you will with an A7r.The A7 series has been fantastic but at the same time, they have had their quirks and problems from time to time.I have been getting the megapixel question on this camera at least 5X a day.It is also not for those who need and love super resolution, pixel peepers.Sony just keeps on pushing those limits and just like Olympus, they are pushing past the normal crowd of cameras to create something special and revolutionary, and yes, the A7s is revolutionary. You will be hooked and it will be tough to go back to having limits to your photography.It has been almost a year since the Sony A7 and A7r have been released (See my review HERE) and in that time many have jumped in and purchased one of the A7 cameras.