Peaktrace online dating

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Peaktrace online dating

We validated these methods in detecting authentic species of Lonicerae japonicae Flos (L.

We successfully developed a nucleotide signature and specific primer pairs for E. The success rate of the PCR amplification of the 420 bp ITS2 sequence by the universal primer pair 2 F/3R (More details about primer sequences in Table S2) from 24 Eucommiae Folium samples was 100%.Eucommiae Folium is derived from a completely different genera, and Lonicerae Flos can be derived from 4 different species including L. DNA barcoding has been used successfully to identify botanical species of medicinal plants500 bp in rbc L.As almost every CPMs is prescription of complexity, merely one universal primer pair for ITS2 or any other barcode amplification for dozens of herbal products’ identification may not be a wise choice. demonstrated that 121 bp DNA fragments cannot be amplified in processed samples, whereas an 88 bp fragment was obtained successfully after the TCM materials had been boiled for 120 min.Subsequently we tested 20 extracts and 47 CPMs labelled as containing some species of Lonicera.The results revealed only 17% of the extracts and 22% of the CPMs were authentic, others exist substitution or adulterant; 7% were shown to contain both of two adulterants Eucommiae Folium and Lonicerae Flos.Specific primer pair DZF1/R1 amplification from extractives.

Note: Except for the lanes marked M (marker) and CK (negative control), the remaining 20 lanes contain PCR products from 1 to 20 were Lonicerae japonicae Flos extracts amplified by DZF1/R1.Decoction, extracts or CPMs made by spurious medicinal materials could undoubtedly be a considerable hazard to consumer health.Currently, a great number of herbal medicines are exported aboard in the form of extracts or CPMs.Therefore, more attention should be given to safety control of these products.Lonicerae japonicae Flos (Jinyinhua) derived from L. Lonicerae Flos is much cheaper than Lonicerae japonicae Flos.There was no intraspecific variation detected when assessing the alignment of all the ITS2 sequences for all the populations Eucommiae Folium.

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