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If the Department of Justice has failed to prosecute platforms that violate the SAVE Act, then lawmakers should demand an explanation.

Watch Miami TV Live Streaming, Miami TV Live, Miami TV Online, Miami TV Channel.Remember, Congress already made it it a federal crime to “advertise” sex trafficking online, via the SAVE Act of 2015.No new law is necessary to prosecute platforms that knowingly facilitate sex trafficking ads.State sex trafficking laws are notoriously inconsistent: in Alaska and Massachusetts, for example, statutes define trafficking so broadly that they don’t require any indication that someone was forced or coerced into sex work.FOSTA could open the door to litigation far beyond the sex trafficking activities it’s intended to target.Miami TV Feeds free, Miami TV live with High Quality, Miami TV Models Live Online.

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Founded by Irena Lesnevskaya and her son, Dmitry Lesnevsky, who had been running REN TV as a production house for other national Ru...

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Most social media sites wouldn’t exist, or they’d look very different from the ones we enjoy today.

Section 230 strikes an important balance for when and how online platforms can be held liable for their users’ speech.

FOSTA carves an even bigger hole out of Section 230 than SESTA does.