My boyfriend still has an active online dating profile

11-Oct-2017 19:47 by 2 Comments

My boyfriend still has an active online dating profile

Why would he do that if he's serious about dating me? Post it, anonymously, to Group Therapy for advice, and check out what else is happening in the Très Sugar Community.

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Anyway I really wanted to meet him so said I would buy a ticket, I bought one,i was going to stay with him and his parents for 3 weeks, I was getting all ready packing and buying gifts for his parents,then 2 weeks before i was due to go ,he checks in to tagged again, I asked him about it and he says its just a networking site and he was checking on an update on an old email..I want to forgive him but I feel like he has DESTROYED everything because he has destroyed my trust. I thought we were getting serious, I really liked him, I wasn't looking for anyone else, I haven't have any contact with other men whatsoever since I found him.He swears I am all he wants but my heart has been broken and I feel "who the hell updates a profile" and has it active in the last 24 hours, if they really are happy!!!!!! I want to forgive him but could this really be a innocent mistake????? Also he said he had deleted his match account but I could tell from my past account that he has just "hidden" his profile and not called to have it removed [if it is removed I shouldn't still be able to email him and see his pic! Then I found out he had profiles on tagged (2 profiles),badoo,asking for dating,serious relationship,friends.He has since closed these profiles,but I feel I had to force him into it.Then 2 days before i was due to fly,someone sends me a message on fb with pictures of him on trueswingers website.He went into some long story how he was showing his coworker "Match" becasue he was so lucky to have met me and she wanted to meet someone and start dating again. Then I decided to look on plenty of fish and there he was again, with updated pictures and he was listed as single and "looking for a serious relationship". all the bulls*** lies "ur the only one" c**p DON'T BELIEVE THAT BULL!

I joked and asked him if he was tring to find another girlfriend-"he laughed and said no way babe". He said you are all I want, I promise I was just looking on there for her. I confronted him and he cried, I cried, and begged me to forgive him and it was all so innocent. A GUY THAT TRULY LOVES YOU WOULD NEVER EVER MAKE U FEEL INSECURE, NEVER SET UP A PROFILE LIKE THAT. boy did i ever lol DO NOT TRUST EM OR FORGIVE 'EM PLEASE! Here's my story, I met a really nice and good looking guy via an art site.My BF and I met online 5 mo ago and we became really close in this short time.He was everything I had ever wanted in a relationship. He was becoming my best friend and I was falling in love with him.I invited him to come and stay with me,but he would say at first that i lived in the middle of nowhere and there was nothing to do, and later that he didn't have the money for the flight.He lives with his parents and works from home,he's 25.I was so shocked,i really felt as though i didn't know him at all,it seemed a different side to him,i was in such a turmoil I said I would have to rescedule the flight and he pleaded with me to still come and said everything was prepared for me,and that if i was uncomfortable there he would pay for the flight back,even though he always told me he hadnt the money for a flight to meet me.