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Minor in Ocean and Coastal Resources Students in other majors may establish a minor field of study in Ocean and Coastal Resources through the completion of at least 16 hours of the following courses: The broad range of liberal arts courses offered by this Minor will provide an opportunity for TAMUG students in other majors to expand their non-scientific knowledge and experience diverse maritime topics.The courses have been carefully selected for content, class size and instructor to give students an optimum learning experience and to enrich all of the majors offered at TAMUG.

Minor in Diving Technology and Methods Students in any major may establish a minor field of study in Diving Technology and Methods through completing 16 hours from the following courses.This minor should show potential employers that you have expertise in a certain aspect of that field.For example, if you major in business, a minor in economics would be an excellent choice!Geological periods are annotated (by abbreviation and colour) above.The Permian–Triassic extinction event is the most significant event for marine genera, with just over 50% (according to this source) failing to survive.Both scrubber designs have benefits and drawbacks dependent on vessel type and layout, so it’s important to look at the specific project needs.

Both designs can be utilized for open loop, closed loop and hybrid scrubber systems.

Wärtsilä has developed two kinds of standard scrubber designs to better meet the demands of our customers.

Wärtsilä can offer the conventional venturi scrubber design, as well as the more compact inline scrubber system.

Minor in Marine Biology Students in other majors may establish a minor field of study in Marine Biology through completing 16 credits of MARB course selected in consultation with a Marine Biology advisor, choosing from the courses listed below .

The student must have earned a C or better in BIOL 111 and BIOL 112.

Minor Approval Form University Catalog Offered by TAMU Colleges: Students may elect to earn a number of minors that are taught at the Galveston campus through TAMU-College Station academic departments.

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