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Many of them had vile tempers, too, so much so that one even tried to kill his wife.

And when they arrived in Hollywood in 1938, to be cast in one of the most prestigious films ever, it marked a distinct improvement in their fortunes. Stars such as Jean Harlow and Katharine Hepburn had a huge following, while the love lives of the swashbuckling Errol Flynn and Charlie Chaplin were already legendary.MGM drew up a contract to provide as many as were needed to film L. In its search, MGM advertised all over the country, auditioned tiny choirs - the midgets had to sing - visited circuses and sent out talent scouts.Frank Baum’s 1900 novel The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz, in which he described the Munchkins only as shorter than usual in stature and clad from top to toe in blue. As soon as word got out, every little person in the country arrived in Hollywood by bus and train looking for a part.There were rumours of wild evenings with rooms ransacked and drunken midgets swinging from the rafters.One horrified observer described them as "an unholy assembly of pimps, hookers and gamblers".Certainly, some of them seem to have resorted to boosting their earnings by pimping and whoring - and indeed begging.

As many pointed out later, they were being paid far less than anyone else on the film - including Toto the dog.

By the time filming was over, Garland had seen enough of the Munchkins’ unsavoury antics to go right off the idea of any intimate contact.

Like the rest of the cast, she was astounded to hear they were holding 'dwarf sex parties' in the famous Culver Hotel (subsequently owned by John Wayne) where they all lived during filming.

This was the height of Hollywood as Babylon, as the new play’s title reflects.

Sex and glamour was the name of the game and the dwarves wanted their share.

Made in 1939, the movie was then the last word in special effects, make-up, set design and costumes, not to mention the highpoint of Garland’s career.

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