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This book is great for young elementary students, especially those who are expecting a new brother or sister in their family. The brightly colored illustrations set the mood for the book, while the detailed expressions of characters portray their emotions well.

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The theme of the story is to have an imagination of your own. The illustrations are done well; they are flushed out which makes the story more engaging. Finalist of the National Book Award and winner of the Scott O’Dell Award for historical fiction shows the reader how impressively written this book is! This heart-wrenching story written by Laurie Halse Anderson is one for all ages. He now lives with his guardian and performs stunt shows. He learns of the pain and suffering that the Jewish people of Germany are experiencing from his Jewish friend Sarah. Each page is filled with onomatopoeia and action words, bringing the sounds and movements of the story to life. The easy-to-read layout and Alcorn’s fantastic portraits scattered throughout make this book appropriate for students of all ages, or anyone who needs a daily dose of inspiration. A few years ago, his life was turned upside down when his father died and his mother was put in jail for committing a crime. His mother is also diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Children will love the rich, vibrant text in this rhyming super hero story. The concept of this book is simple: to ponder a quotation a day collected from a wide range of great authors, athletes, musicians, activists, politicians, scientists, and more. Although still within the normal range of the human lifespan (for that setting, anyway), this character will be noticeably younger than their age.

Whether it was a deliberate artistic choice on the behalf of the creator (usually to make the character more attractive or to legally fulfill a fetish) or something much deeper and linked to their characterization and the plot, this character will be older than they look.

Super Duck and his friends are determined to fly their kite, so they come up with creative ways to get the kite soaring.

However, a dilemma arises when they realize there is no wind to help their kite fly.

Yancy finds a safe place to stay and work at a ranch under the protective care of Tavo, an immigrant worker.

After Will attacks Yancy’s beloved horse, Shy, he decides to run away.

Simon and Schuster (Atheneum Books for Young Readers), First published in 2008, 2010.

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