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And for, oh yes, .) Fontaine purées Jane's dignity and stoicism into patrician blandness, and while Welles is an interesting choice for Rochester—arrogance and self-pity were often his team colors—here he's a cardboard golem in a riding cloak, leaving trails of dry ice and bronzer in his wake.When J&R reunite for their happy-ever-after, one feels the same stirrings of heebie-jeebies aroused by the finale of match of age, station, and temperament.

In the hands of the wrong actor or director, Jane's integrity and candor might scan as prim saintliness, while her lack of materialism is conduct unbecoming in any Hollywood bride-to-be: "The more [clothing and jewelry] he bought me, the more my cheek burned with a sense of annoyance and degradation." What kind of killjoy wins the marital sweepstakes and refuses a retail victory lap?

She knocks herself unconscious on the door, after a huge cloud of ash comes down the chimney. Reed tells him that Jane is a deceitful child and is not to be trusted.

Jane's aunt sends her to Lowood School for Girls, which is run by a cruel clergyman, Mr. Jane tells her aunt how much she hates her and that she is a hard-hearted woman.

Which can create a paradox: If J&R click too readily, the whole contraption falls apart.

York was 30 when she portrayed the virginal Jane opposite 44-year-old Scott, and though his gifts for manic intensity and prosecutorial zeal suggest Rochester DNA, the pairing is cozy and domestic enough to evoke not socially proscribed kismet but rather a couple of battle-scarred divorcés saying, Clarke is a shade delicate and wheedling for Jane, but the pre-007 Dalton is a pitch-perfect Rochester: gruff, vulnerable, congenitally infuriated.

The film was released on 11 March 2011 in the United States and 9 September in Great Britain and Ireland.

The film begins with Jane Eyre fleeing Thornfield Hall in the middle of the night and finding herself alone on the moors, in the pouring rain.

He also bears such a ridiculously uncanny resemblance to Jon Hamm—I mean, just look at this—that rediscovering this BBC serial suddenly casts a gloomy mist of Yorkshire romance over More than any other Jane to date, Gainsbourg's seems palpably wounded: scarred but intact, cagey, conserving her every word and movement, bearing a heavy burden of experience and ghastly memories on her thin shoulders.

(When she smiles, it's as if she must consciously arrange her facial muscles in the appropriate pattern—her smile has an accent like a language learned too late.) Gainsbourg is, at least to this viewer, Jane incarnate, which makes it doubly disappointing that Hurt clomps through the movie in a floppy Klonopin haze and delivers all his lines with the same eye-rolling, double-chinning sarcasm.

Reed's three children are also abusive towards her.

One day, Jane is locked in the Red Room, where her uncle died, and which Jane believes is haunted.

She treats her man with moony condescension, which is apt—Hinds' Rochester is a honking lech, blustering and bloviating beneath the carpet swatches on his face as if he's auditioning for the Alfred Molina role in ?

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