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He took a sip from Preety’s glass and touched the rim of his glass to Preety’s soft lips. By this time I could see the huge bulge in Vipul’s Bermuda.Encouraged by Preety’s response he got hold of one of her hands and put it on his bulge.

In between the discussion Vipul mentioned that he had a great cock and no lady has ever said no to him. This introduced us to threesome, foursome, lesbian and wife swapping concepts. We had been reading stories and seeing blue movies. Three years before our sex life appeared to become routine though we were regularly having sex.But subsequently we started fantasizing while making love..Suddenly I saw Vipul hold Preety’s hands and making her sit in his lap. In between I could see his hand move to her boobs and havean assessment of them.

I could see the shy cheeks of Preety going red with the touch of the hidden cock. He kissed her gently on the cheek making her comfortable in his lap.I found myself to be possessive about Preety where as she seemed to be ready for blah blah from the gentleman without hesitation.The lady doctor was also mad after me for fucking her, however I disappointed her too.Meanwhile I moved towards Ashsa and took my arm around her while sitting on the sofa. Both of us found ourselves looking at Vipul and Preety.I cupped my hand on one of her boobs and told her she was looking sexy. By this time things had warmed up and every one of us was excited. Vipul had made Preety sit on his thighs with her legs spread on both sides of his legs and her face towards him.Asha also confirmed his statement and added that he was very good at fucking.

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