Gerard butler now dating

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Gerard butler now dating - online dating signs he is into you

The Duran Duran concert was held during the star studded Art Basel, which also takes place in Miami Beach. Just a few days before, Gerard and Morgan were seen lounging at the Ink On Wood Show with Will and Jaden Smith.

The Scottish RELATED: Is Liev Schreiber Dating Gerard Butler’s Ex?

They looked very happy.” Prior to news of their split, Butler and Brown were last photographed out and about together in mid-November, according to E! The outlet added that they were seen vacationing over last summer in Italy and London before calling it quits.

Gerard Butler has spoken about his terrifying motorbike crash just last week, and has reassured fans that he's doing "alright".

It looks like things may be heating up again between Gerard Butler and Morgan Brown.

The actor and his on-again, off-again flame Brown were photographed on the beach in Tulum, Mexico, on Friday.

Then he gives me 10 shots,' explained the Scottish star, 'then I have the worst reaction and I kind of enter this anaphylactic shock!

' 'It was terrible; creepy crawlies all over me, swelled up, heart’s going to explode,' described Gerard, before revealing that 'he game me 10 times too much!

He's no stranger to thrills and spills when it comes to his off-screen antics.

But Gerard Butler apparently got more than he bargained for when he recently received an accidental overdose of bee venom to treat some soreness incurred during the filming of his latest movie Geostorm.

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Unfortunately he once again had to go to the hospital after having a reaction, and now must be very careful around the winged insects.

The story comes after he recently had to be taken to the hospital for a scary motorbike accident that he says could have 'taken him out.'That accident luckily only resulted in a few broken bones in one of his feet and a torn meniscus.

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