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According to DJJ, DCF and law enforcement accounts reviewed by the Herald, detained youths have been abused by staffers in every way imaginable: penetrated while bent over a laundry sink, forced onto their knees to perform oral sex, pressed and fondled against a wall.

The worker said she and the youth had kissed about 10 times and they planned to “date” following his release.There is no doubt overlap between the two agencies’ numbers, but they also diverge.Detainees can remain in the system a short time after their 18th birthday.She later told police “she made a mistake and was ashamed of her actions.” She resigned.Much of the illicit behavior goes beyond kissing and sharing photos.The Herald examined 10 years of DJJ inspector general reports and administrative reviews and complaints to the Department of Children & Families abuse hotline.

DCF tallied 469 accusations of sexual abuse in the juvenile justice system.

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For the last few months of his short career in juvenile corrections, Ernest Parker prowled the halls of the Milton Girls Juvenile Residential Facility looking for easily wooed teens.

In those cases, investigators may have substantiated different, lesser allegations.

For example, the Herald found 166 investigations of improper conduct of a “sexual nature,” 21 of them verified.

Gardner was found guilty of the obscenity charges and placed on three years probation.