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Accordingly, observing and researching governing processes as they relate to the Internet is both timely and important.Traditionally, researchers and practitioners in Internet governance (IG) focused on new institutions that have been explicitly established to discuss and negotiate the technical coordination of the Internet or Internet-related public policy issues (e.g. Recently, authors have criticized this institutional focus, arguing the need for a more comprehensive conceptualization of IG (De Nardis, 2012; Musiani, 2014; Hofmann et al., 2014).

These are just some issues covered by this workshop.What is our responsibility to find and document hidden histories, obscure sources, and less visible networks?How will a richer understanding of the internet’s past change how we engage with its present and imagine its future?First, we have to negotiate the transition from graduate student to early career professional that requires a higher level of autonomy and responsibility with the challenge of figuring out the pragmatic and social aspects of a new work environment.Second, and simultaneously, we must work quickly to establish ourselves in our fields and, often, secure funding.Indeed, recent scholarship on early networks reveals a greater range of experiences, technologies, norms and motivations than is found in best-known histories of the internet (Brammer, 2015; Brunton, 2013; Driscoll, 2014; Hargadon, 2011; Mailland, 2015; Paloque-Berges, 2011; Rankin 2014, 2015; Russell, 2014; Russell & Schafer, 2014; Schafer & Thierry, 2012; Schulte, 2013; Streeter, 2011).

In their wake, we question how to make sense of conflicts and contradictions while respecting the subjective lived experiences of individual participants.

How did net culture become a mass phenomenon of global importance?

To understand why and how the “Internet rules” today, it is essential that we look back at the internet’s past.

Ao IR is an international and diverse organization, and our experiences as scholars and educators vary by country, institution type, and field and are framed by our own identities (race, gender, etc).

Our goal is to discuss shared challenges and opportunities while understanding differences so that we can build our own professional networks at the same time that we create a community of scholars who will eventually become future career mentors within Ao IR.

This half-day workshop aims to bring early career scholars together to address unique issues they face, develop strategies to achieve career goals, and foster a professional network. Many of Ao IR’s senior members “came up through the ranks” together and have built a strong network that has benefited their careers.

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