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Dawson creek dating - psh color age dating

After this realization, they begin a secret romantic relationship.When Dawson finds out about Joey and Pacey's relationship, he is furious, and the friendship between the three is never the same again. Joey stupidly pulls back from Pacey in an effort to mend his and her friendship with Dawson.

As the season progresses, it becomes obvious that Pacey and Joey's friendship evolves into something deeper. This relationship makes Pacey jealous and forces him to confront his true feelings for Joey.

Her father, Mike, is in and out of prison for drug trafficking.

Her mother, Lillian, died of breast cancer when Joey was thirteen.

Dawson, however, sees Pacey as his enemy and opponent in winning Joey's heart.

Dawson tries his best to win Joey back, including throwing an alternative prom with Joey as his date.

She gets the confession from her father and shows him the wire.

Knowing that she had betrayed her father, she is understandably heartbroken and angry with Dawson.

But instead of winning the contest, she wins Dawson's heart, as he finally sees past his best friend image, and realizes that he has strong romantic feelings towards her.

At the end of the season, she finds herself with the opportunity of going to Paris for a year, but rejects it in favor of staying in Capeside with Dawson after she and Dawson kiss.

However, Dawson finds out that Joey's father is dealing cocaine.

After a fire at the restaurant which was started by rivals of Joey's father, Dawson tells his parents who advise him he needs to go to the police. He convinces her to wear a wire, and get a confession from her father so that nothing like the fire will happen again.

Pacey Witter Dawson Leery (ex-boyfriend) Christopher (ex-boyfriend) Eddie Doling (ex-boyfriend) Charlie Todd (fling) Jack Mc Phee (ex-boyfriend) A. Moller (ex-boyfriend) Drue Valentine (kiss) Professor Wilder (kiss) Joey has been friends with Dawson Leery since they were very young.