Dating of ramayana

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Dating of ramayana

He states, "Crux (Trishanku), Mars, Jupiter and Mercury have cornered the Moon. Using this additional input, astronomical rules help us to fix Rama's exile to a time when he turned 17 years of age.Another event, Hanuman's return from Lanka after discovering Sita (in Sunderkanda , one of the most evocative chapters of Ramayana) can be similarly pinpointed as occurring on a Pushya Poornima.

Valmiki further details the birth with various planetary positions in the zodiac : Sun in Mesha at 10 deg., Mars in Capricorn at 28 degree, Jupiter in Cancer at 5 deg., Venus in Pisces at 27 deg. These starry configurations are so unique that they have occurred only once so far in measurable history and this helps us to fix the important date, the birthday of Rama, as the 4th of December, 7323 BC.

Astonishingly, the ancient Indians had an accurate method of time easurement.

They regularly and systematically recorded the `tithis', days marked according to the phases of the Moon, the months, the seasons, solstices, equinoxes and the positions of astrologically relevant luminaries like the Sun, the Jupiter, the Venus, and so on.

For the first article, please go to: The second article which discusses scientific discoveries and falsifying evidence can be read here: To read about different claims on the dates of Mahabharat and Ramayana, please go to: For the fourth article on astronomical references and AV observation, click here: The fifth article discusses the precession of equinoxes while ecplaining the AV observation and the date of Mahabharat: Let us now look at the second example which is the Ramayana. This category is ‘near earth phenomena’ which repeats frequently; the position of moons, eclipses, planetary positions and so on.

And the other side is driven by the phenomenon known as ‘the precession of equinoxes’. As different from the Mahabharat, here the word used is ‘ and party have found Sita. They came to Kishkindha and in a hurry everybody left for Lanka.

Everybody knows it is the prediction for Brahmarashi, we can find out 12000 BC. Again use the precession of equinoxes and you can find out exact what that happen. In our times, in the month of Ashwin, when we celebrate the Dussehra.

So if you accept this reference, if you put this together, we can say that Ramayana did not happen even a day late than 10000 BC. The Dussehra time comes in Sharad Ritu after the rainy season. When Ram was born, the Indian month was Chaitra, April is an English month. In our times it appears in Vasant Ritu, the second part of Vasant Ritu.

In other words, the timings of events were recorded in the astronomical format.

To convert this coded information on heavenly positions into a simple calendrical timeline, all that is needed is a database of ephemeris.

This article is part of a series of articles on the Date of major episodes from the Indian History.

The primary source of information for the article is the talk organised by the Srijan Foundation at the Press Club of India. Nilesh Nilkanth Oak presented the talk on the topic- Dating of Mahabharat and Ramayana. And like we did previously, we can split them into two categories.

So that gives us the boundary 10000 BC and never after that. We have the description, we have empirical proof and now we bring it all together. We can go through 3 other references from three different other Kands of Ramayana.

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