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Those of weaker disposition may prefer to self delude themselves with the victors' propaganda.Michael Walsh As any schoolboy knows the origins of the Second Word War can be traced directly back to the deeply flawed Versailles Treaty, imposed on Germany drafted following World War One.

This will leave only those who fall into the category: 'Convince a fool against their will; they'll hold the same opinions still.' Why on earth do otherwise intelligent people, knowing their rulers have lied about every conflict they have engaged themselves in convince themselves they are told the truth about World War Two?It too was said to be a threat to the world and/or freedom; mix as you wish.It also (yawn) was an 'exporter of terrorism' and much else.It did so by excising all uncomfortable previous events from the public record and burning them, and reprinting continuously revised editions brought up to date in harmony with the latest twist in the political line of his fictional, but terribly real, in fact, regime." "The preparation of 'convenient history' has long been a lucrative undertaking.Besides making an Establishment feel comfortable and secure, and justifying its policies, it can result in the reflection upon its authors of official smiles and blessings which converts into such things as secure and generously paid official and academic posts, and many related prebends and benefactions.Theirs was a hatred fuelled by a growing public awareness that whilst the democracies suffered greatly from unemployment, economic misery, hellish social deprivation, and political corruption, their German neighbours were revelling in prosperity and civic well-being that exceeded even that of the United States.

Worse still, the intelligentsia and governments of other European countries were beginning to sit up and take notice.

"The sanctified official chroniclers prefer to ignore inconvenient history and generally behave as though it never was written.

If any of it manages to break through to their consciousness, they may stare at the producers of these uncomfortable and abrasive accounts in their sedate and chilly hauteur and sniff imperiously while dismissing the product with a casual and patronising wave of a frill-cuffed hand, as 'pseudo scholarship,' an ad hominem ploy to reassure the believers, and those who want to believe, alike, that they need not fear as to the rectitude and solidity of their established corner.

All this was achieved without outside help, loans or assistance.

Sadly Germany's very prosperity and superior form of government became a threat to the competing Communist and Capitalist systems, and a magnet for emerging modern nations in Europe.

After sixty-years of World War II indoctrination most people consider themselves reasonably knowledgeable about the events leading to and through this conflict.