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When the phone rings he’ll check to see who it is, then quickly flip the screen over and say that it’s not important, or he’ll insist to take the call in private.He obviously can’t have a conversation with his wife in the presence of his mistress. While there’s never a dead sure way of telling if someone is married or engaged, there are these subtle yet alarming hints that should have you doing some basic background research on your new lover.

We’re helping you take the guessing work out of this situation and determine if your new love interest is already legally wed.Sorry but this almost always means that he is hiding another woman, most probably his wife..He always wants to either meet up at your place or at a restaurant or hotel.There’s something fun about being able to show up at your boyfriend’s workplace and surprising him with a quick visit.If he only has time to see you during special appointed times then he clearly has something, and someone, else occupying all the rest of his free time..So you have been dating this person for a while now and the romance is blooming.

You go on the most amazing dates and you feel like you might have actually found your soulmate.

Here are the top warning signs he might have already sealed the deal with someone else:.

There’s a reason people choose to avoid using their credit cards these days and it’s as simple as not wanting to be traced.

You are never invited over to his lace and when you do enquire about it he always has some smart excuse why you can’t head there.

Chances are he doesn’t want his wife catching you in her house..

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